Appivo: Build the application you’ve always wanted.

With Appivo anyone can turn any idea into a web or mobile app, no coding required. A step-by-step wizard and intuitive point-and-click interface are easy to use, and more advanced features are just a few clicks away.

Appivo also provides app services! Our team of skilled app builders will quickly turn your ideas into Web and mobile applications. Two great options with the same end result: Fantastic Apps.

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Absolutely! You deserve the app you want, and we’re here to make that happen.

We use the Appivo Platform and App Builder for everything we do, which enables us to deliver awesome apps in a fraction of the time of typical solution providers.

While we’re more than happy to build an app for you, we can also build an app with you. This option gets you up to speed quickly so that you can build your next app yourself.

It really is that easy. Contact us to get started.

Everybody wants to build an app but not everybody is a developer. That’s where Appivo comes in.

Whether you’re working in a large or small company or on your own, the Appivo app builder will help you build the application you deserve with an intuitive point-and-click interface. You’ll have immediate access from any device (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones & phablets) so there’s no waiting around for lengthy app store publishing processes. And thanks to the Appivo platform, your app automatically benefits from secure multi-tenancy, high-availability and geographically diverse fault tolerance.

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The Appivo mobile backend as a service (mBaaS) solution might be right for you. Existing app front-ends can take advantage of the powerful Appivo back-end platform with geographically diverse reliability and cloud-scale elasticity. Just connect your existing app to our robust REST APIs to complete your app and ensure scalability and reliability.

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Great! Appivo provides a certification program for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), System Integrators (SIs) and other qualifying organizations to become certified to provide training, mentoring and application building services.

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Appivo is a big believer in non-profits and education. Everyone should have access to new technology, especially if they’re working with today’s youth, the environment or other worthy causes. Special pricing is available for qualified organizations that are doing cool things to make a difference.

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Meet the Team

Johan Eriksson

Johan ErikssonCofounder

Husband, father and in charge of all things tech. Can do anything with Java but won’t drink it. Once built a PBX system at home for fun. Dreams of the day he can get his convertible Mustang back on the road.

Jamie MacQuarrie

Jamie MacQuarrieCofounder

Continues to wear multiple hats and will never settle on just one. Relies on coffee to offset the demands of work and a new puppy. Plays basketball regularly, surfs occasionally and tweets sporadically.

Christian Blomquist
Christian BlomquistAccount Manager
A human perpetual motion machine. Can seemingly talk without inhaling, making him the envy of every horn-blower in Vienna. Hobbies include work, work dinners, and work dinners paired with fine wine.
Joel Falk
Joel FalkSoftware Engineer
Software developer with sidetracks in theatre and architecture. Coding and Manchester United bring him to the computer and TV but his favorite place is at a quiet lake with a fishing rod and swim trunks.
Chetan Bhatia
Chetan BhatiaSoftware Engineer
UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer that finds himself most productive when there is music playing in the background. Swimming and football enthusiast and at times likes to cook just to clear his mind.
Max Sevon
Max SevonSoftware Engineer
Software Engineer and dad. Enjoys the logical aspects of coding and seeing everything come together. Also proficient in karate and skateboarding, but not at the same time.
Victor Hedlund
Victor HedlundSoftware Engineer
Software Engineer fueled by coffee and gadgets. Spent more cash on his computer than his car and thinks the best part about getting a new computer is assembling it by himself.
Badal Naik
Badal NaikDevOps Engineer
A linux and automation enthusiast. Spends his day on cloud and all things DevOps; powered by chai! Used to spend time reading but now loves thumping around on his Bullet and watching movies.
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Now HiringSoftware Engineer
We’re looking for a front-end Web or mobile developer who’s in search of the future! Interested? Email us now!

Customer Testimonials.

See what people are saying about Appivo!

Working with Appivo to build a custom time-tracking app now seems like such an obvious choice. Within a few weeks we completely transitioned off of our paper-based process and had started talking about adding new features. Now our field team enters time and trip info via their mobile phones, and we manage projects and even invoicing from the office. Everything should work this smoothly!
Joakim Kvist, Project Manager, Peribo
We had been looking for a mobile workforce management solution but none of the commercial packages had exactly what we needed; or they had way too much. Appivo gave us a new option: a custom solution without a traditional custom price tag. We couldn’t afford not to do it!
Johan Ericsson, CEO, Sicarat
Appivo’s standard business system (bu:sy) application was almost exactly what we needed. Their modular approach made it easy to add the few changes that we needed and now it’s perfect. Our project management and invoicing operations are completely streamlined and everyone sees the improvement, even our customers.
Morgan Haggstrom, Founder, NPB