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2018 Technology Predictions, Part 3/3

When it comes to 2018 technology predictions, I’ve finally decided to leave my magic 8-ball in my desk. My last post talked about the pending 2018 enterprise app boom. Continuing to focus on things that are likely to have an impact on the day-to-day life of many IT pros, my #3 prediction for 2018 is enterprise cloud-native apps.

Dilber Cloud-Native
Slightly modified Dilbert strip.

3. Cloud-Native Apps.    Like my other two 2018 technology predictions, cloud-native apps aren’t new but we will see a lot more of them in 2018. Today most of us build apps the way we were taught: app servers, DBs and web servers. Add some virtualization, sprinkle in some containers and we have a fairly optimized app environment. Maybe that’s sufficient. Maybe that’s as good as it gets for that app. But maybe, for new apps, we should start building them in the cloud, for the cloud. Anything built with a traditional architecture is new legacy.

To date, the barriers to building cloud-native apps have been (1) reluctance to adopt cloud services and (2) a pretty wide skills gap. Most companies have resolved their cloud phobias, and 2018 is the year we’ll see the skills gap sufficiently narrow.

It’s going to take a combination of experience and tooling to make cloud-native apps the primary choice in app design. Platforms that automate the backend will negate the need for a PhD in AWS, and provide a valuable shortcut to cloud-scale deployments. However even with better tools, there’s no substitute for experience. Most successful cloud projects are built on the ruins of failed attempts.

So, will all of my technology predictions come true? Absolutely…. eventually. Will they all come true in 2018? I hope so. With IT it’s always, “Do more with less,” and “What have you done for me lately?” 2018 could be the year when IT delivers on an unprecedented scale.


This is the final post of a three-part blog series. You can read the other posts here (Part 1: BizDevOps) and here (Part 2: Enterprise App Boom).

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