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Appivo is a low code app development platform that accelerates the entire software development lifecycle.

Build apps to enforce standards and processes to minimize errors and rework. Few things feel better than getting it right the first time - whatever it is.

Increase productivity

The applications you need to do your job better, faster and easier - built for you, by you.

Accelerate innovation

Evolve from reactive to proactive with rapid development cycles.

Avoid technical debt

Build cloud-native, mobile-ready solutions with a proven tech stack.

Appivo is more than just an App Builder

Define the data

Create simple or complex data models without ever having to touch a database.

  • Built-in Database
  • Visual Data Modeling
  • Simple Query Builder
  • Role-based CRUD Access Control
  • Secure REST API

Design beautiful apps for all devices

Visually create web and mobile apps for browsers, iOS, and Android, leveraging a professional library of templates and themes.

  • Drag and drop UI widgets
  • Pre-built themes and templates
  • Email, SMS and push notificaitons
  • CSS editor with advanced options
  • HTML editor for custom components

Easily deploy your solution to the Android and iOS app stores

Build apps to publish to the native app stores for easy distribution and user installation.

  • Android and iOS app packages
  • Detailed build logs
  • Automatic sync and upload to the iOS App Store
  • Detailed control of mobile plugins
  • Debug build options

Scale your solution at your own terms

Add users and we’ll do the rest, ensuring that your applications always have the resources that they need.

  • Auto-scaling backend
  • Auto-healing services
  • Global cloud infrastructure
  • Built-in user management
  • Optional authentication integrations & SSO

Maintain and evolve apps throughout their lifecycle

Add rules and integrations to account for changes in business logic to keep apps current and support a continuous improvement cycle.

  • Rules, triggers & actions
  • Inbound integrations (autogenerated SDKs)
  • Outbound integrations (APIs and webhooks)
  • Export apps as json + resources
  • Compatible with most SCM solutions

Appivo is used by companies around the world to drive innovation.

The Appivo low-code platform is an important part of the digital transformation of several key Atteviks business processes. The speed, flexibility and return on investment are truly impressive.

Jimi Wester, Digital Manager - IT

With Appivo we were able to develop a product delivering on all requirements within the agreed time and budget.

Peter Marcusson, Head of Process Management

We built a custom HR system and have been able to continuously evolve it using Appivo's rapid development technology. Appivo has been instrumental in the digital transformation of Arver.

Jens Eriksson, CEO

Our Appivo app was built based on our existing business processes, and has scaled with us as we doubled in size. In fact, it meaningfully contributed to the rate of our growth.

Marcela Morrison, Office Manager

When responding to a global pandemic, you need to be fast, flexible and scalable. We couldn't have built so much so fast without Appivo.

Kevin Schallert, Chief Operating Officer
FloodLAMP Biotechnologies

Appivo has turned our project dreams into a reality resulting in reducing our project times and increasing our scalability. Our initial Appivo project worked so well that we are immediately starting another. The Appivo platform delivers!

Arwen Turner, Executive Director
Come Alive Outside

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