TMR – Logistics management app


TMR Logistics AB needed an app to handle cargo containers arriving via train to a logistics center. Office staff imports schedule data before the trains arrive and forklift drivers get immediate access to all the information on tablets mounted to their forklifts. The TMR app keeps track of the containers as they are moved from the trains to trucks or the storage yard.

TMR Logistics AB was certain that they performed extra work that was never billed – largely due to error-prone manual processes. A business consultant set up new processes to ensure an efficient work flow and correct billing, and suggested an app to help enforce the new processes. The resulting TMR app creates a synchronized environment between the drivers and the office, is easy to use, and provides 100% visibility to the managers.

The new AppivOS Industrial IoT Hub can extend solutions like TMR to include the latest scanning technology (barcode, QR, RFID, BLE, etc.) to make the process even more automated. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


This application is for:

Office Staff

Easily update the app with train and truck schedules and review cargo movement. Easily see who move what, when. Improved operational visibility results in more efficient operations and increased billing accuracy.


Know what’s coming and when with a simple, one-handed mobile interface. Accurately record operations and get instant updates from the office when schedules change.


Key Features:

Simple mobile interface

Data storage and exchange

Detailed reporting

Status of containers, trucks and customers

Alerts & notifications

Author: Chetan Bhatia

UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer that finds himself most productive when there is music playing in the background. Swimming and football enthusiast and at times likes to cook just to clear his mind.