Our team members, spread across the globe.

Meet the team



Johan Eriksson

Husband, father and in charge of all things tech. Can do anything with Java but won’t drink it. Once built a PBX system at home for fun. Dreams of the day he can get his convertible Mustang back on the road.



Jamie MacQuarrie

Continues to wear multiple hats and will never settle on just one. Relies on coffee to offset the demands of work and a new puppy. Plays basketball regularly, surfs occasionally and tweets sporadically.



Christian Blomquist
Account Manager

A human perpetual motion machine. Can seemingly talk without inhaling, making him the envy of every horn-blower in Vienna. Hobbies include work, work dinners, and work dinners paired with fine wine.



Joel Falk
Software Engineer

Software developer with sidetracks in theatre and architecture. Coding and Manchester United bring him to the computer and TV but his favorite place is at a quiet lake with a fishing rod and swim trunks.



Chetan Bhatia
UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer that finds himself most productive when there is music playing in the background. Swimming and football enthusiast and at times likes to cook just to clear his mind.



Victor Hedlund
Software Engineer

Software Engineer fueled by coffee and gadgets. Spent more cash on his computer than his car and thinks the best part about getting a new computer is assembling it by himself.


Badal Naik

Badal Naik
DevOps Engineer

A linux and automation enthusiast. Spends his day on cloud and all things DevOps; powered by chai! Used to spend time reading but now loves thumping around on his Bullet and watching movies.


pranit pawar


Pranit Pawar
App Builder

A once reluctant programmer who was hooked after his first laptop. Enjoys hiking and virtual tourism, and is an avid lover of American country music. Possibly the fastest typist west of the Deccan Plateau.


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