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Start with good app requirements for a successful project

App Requirements – 7 Key Steps for Gathering Them Correctly

July 17, 2023

Would you build a house without architectural plans? Have you ever tried to assemble IKEA furniture without the directions? App projects are no different and...

Top Five Benefits of Custom Software | Appivo

Top Five Benefits of Custom Software

June 13, 2023

Custom software is fragile, expensive and prone to breaking. At least that’s what people used to say. Are they still saying it? Not so much....

7 pro tips for designing apps | Appivo

7 Pro Tips for Designing Apps

May 16, 2023

What's the point in building an app that's ugly or hard to use? Designing a good app user interface (UI) is important to ensure that...

What is low-code? Appivo is low-code.

What is low-code?

April 18, 2023

Low-code is the solution to all coding problems. Sound too good to be true? Well, you're right. What is low-code, really? Low-code typically refers to...

8 good ideas for improving app adoption | Appivo

8 Good Ideas for Improving App Adoption

March 21, 2023

The following list includes 8 good ideas for improving app adoption. Many projects make the mistake of ignoring the topic of app adoption, and after...

Top 5 Tips for a Great Low-Code Project | Appivo

Top 5 Tips for a Great Low-Code Project

February 21, 2023

This article describes the top 5 tips for a great low-code project. Whether the project is for employees, partner, customers or another audience, these tips...

Five ways low-code can help in times of economic uncertainty | Appivo

Five Ways Low-Code Can Help In Times of Economic Uncertainty

January 21, 2023

Low-code is great for innovation, but what happens when budgets are tight? Well, low-code is just as important then, too. This article explores five ways...