Build better apps, faster

Appivo is for developers of all skill levels. From web developers who have never built an app to seasoned app developers, Appivo accelerates app development and includes options for advanced coding and integrations.

Low-code is for developers of all levels. Appivo simplifies basic tasks so you can focus on adding value.

Appivo includes everything you need to build your next app; from data modeling and UI design to business logic and user management.

Visual Data Modeling

Drag and drop data models, then connect them to define relations. Switch between a visual data map and list modes. Share data models across apps for seamless data integrations.

Secure REST APIs

Programmatically interact with apps via a secure REST API that is automatically created for each app based on its data model.

Role Based Access Control

Easily create roles based on Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) permissions, or use more granular access control for advanced scenarios.

Auto-generated SDKs

Auto-generate API documentation and SDKs for any application in over twenty different languages including Android, Java, JavaScript and Python.

Email & SMS

Configure apps to send and receive email and/or SMS messages. Appivo also supports sending mobile push notifications.

Detailed Logging

Monitor apps and debug issues with detailed audit and run-time logs that can be searched, sorted and filtered.

Autogeneration of views

Let the platform generate various types of views automatically based on your data models.

Automatic data-binding

Easily connect data input fields, grids, charts, maps to your data models. The platform handles the data-binding for you.

Get more out of Appivo no matter who you are!

The Appivo low code platform is for everyone, no matter your title, role or industry. Build the app you need whether you’re a developer, designer, IT admin, AI innovator, team lead, etc.

For IT Admins

Need something better than a spreadsheet and web form? Appivo has you covered, no matter what you want to create.

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For AI Innovators

Want to harness the power of AI? Quickly train and launch an intelligent AI agent with the Appivo IQ platform.

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Documentation & Support

Documentation and support sites contain helpful resources such as conceptual explanations, definitions, guides and forums. Premium support subscriptions include access to the Appivo Support Team via the Appivo support portal.