Turn your Excel sheet into an app

With Appivo you can turn your Excel sheet into a web or mobile application in just minutes. Benefit from role-based access control, notifications, audit logs and many other features you cannot get from a traditional Excel sheet.

Turn your Excel sheet into an app by following these 5 simple steps:

1. Upload your Excel document

Start with uploading your document into the application wizard.

2. Select web, mobile or both

Do you need a web app or a mobile app, or perhaps both?

3. Choose a design

Select the theme and layout you want to use for your application.

4. Your app is ready!

In just a minute or two your application is readily available and your data is now in the cloud! If you want you can publish your mobile app to the app stores.

5. Start inviting users

Invite users and assign them appropriate roles. Now you and your team can collaborate better than ever before!

Don't let a spreadsheet get in the way of your growth

Using Excel or other spreadsheet solutions is a great way to start organizing many business processes, but sooner or later problems will arise. Would you like to set constraints on who can make certain edits or who can see some of the data? Do you want your employees to be able to add entries but also only see their own data? Or maybe you would like to send email alerts when someone makes an edit or adds an item. Or maybe there's just the age-old problem of ending up with multiple version of that same sheet.

With Appivo you can turn your Excel sheet into an app - a fully working web or mobile application - in just minutes. Literally. This will alleviate the many constraints of using a simple Excel document and open up a world of opportunities that can help your organization become even more efficient, spending more time on what really matters!

Give it a go and try out our simple Excel-to-app solution. Start a free 30-day trial today!

Case Studies

Employee management solution

Arver needed to standardize and digitize their employee management processes, especially when it came to tracking technical mechanic skills, certifications and other competencies.
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Construction Loan Management

1st Tribal Lending needed to standardize and streamline their construction loan process, especially when it came to interacting with home builders.
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Outdoor Activity Tracker

By transitioning their Mile-A-Day program to a mobile app, Come Alive Outside was able to automatically measure distance and use gamification concepts like points, streaks and badges to improve user adoption and program completion rates.
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Norwegian Hospitality Group - NHG uses a custom Planday Integration by Appivo.

Norwegian Hospitality Group

NHG had a need to generate a special type of report summarizing hours per employee per shift type and export that to Excel. NHG manages a number of hotels where each hotel has their own Planday portal. A UI was needed where hotel managers could log on, see the data and generate reports for specific time intervals. Each hotel manager can only see data for his hotel. Administrators can manage access to portals, including adding access to new portals.
Marienlyst Strandhotel - Marienlyst uses a custom Planday Integration by Appivo.

Marienlyst Strandhotel

Marienlyst needed to track actual vs planned hours and transfer that data to their Business Intelligence system. Shifts are tracked in a 90-day window: current month, previous month and the coming month. The solution: An Appivo-developed integration that collects the planned hours for the coming day at midnight each night. At 10 in the morning the following day the integration collects the approved actual hours, builds a report in CSV-format and uploads it via SFTP to a site where the BI system can fetch it. Data is also stored for intermediate use in Appivo's cloud database, and access via a secure reporting interface. The reporting interface also provides access to additional aggregated reports, downloaded in Excel format.
Norwegian Hospitality Group - NHG uses a custom Planday Integration by Appivo.

Powerful Planday Reporting

Norwegian Hospitality Group uses a custom Appivo reporting portal to view hour and wage data from multiple Planday environments; providing a consistent report experience for multiple hotel locations.
IK Sirius logo - Sirius uses a custom Planday Integration by Appivo.

Payroll Integration

IK Sirius Fotboll uses Appivo to integrate their Planday environment to their payroll system, including custom field mappings to support their project accounting requirements and cost centers.
Behandlingsstederne Langebjerggaard logo - Langebjerggaard uses a custom Planday Integration by Appivo.

HR Integration

Behandlingsstederne Langebjerggaard uses an Appivo integration to send staff details from their HR system to Planday, ensuring that titles, wage types and salaries are always up to date.
Marienlyst logo - Marienlyst uses a custom Planday Integration by Appivo.

Business Intelligence Integration

Marienlyst Strandhotel uses an Appivo integration to connect their Planday environment to their business intelligence system, sending planned and actual shift hours for further analysis.

A few words about spreadsheets...

Illustration showing a person holding a clipboard in front of a giant screen displaying a business web app, representing the desire to turn your excel sheet into an app

Spreadsheets are great, until they aren't.

Spreadsheet software is great. Almost everybody is familiar with at least one of them, and they can do so many things! Inventory, asset management, accounting, project management, quotes and estimates, forecasting and modeling, expenses, and even lunch orders can all be tracked in spreadsheets.

However spreadsheets are not apps, even though they are often used like them when they contain complicated conditions, scripts and macros. At that point, collaborating on a spreadsheet across a distributed team can quickly become a nightmare.

Turn your Excel sheet into an app, and manage it the way an app should be managed. Use Appivo to leverage core features like versioning, change logs, access control and localization. Your spreadsheet might be great, but it could be better. It could be an app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. If you can upload your document and answer a few simple questions you'll be able to create an app.

Yes! We support all common spreadsheet formats - Excel, Numbers, Lotus and of course also CSV files.

Yes, Appivo takes security very seriously. All data is encrypted, both in transit and at rest. We also support a two-factor authentication, SSO and IP-address restrictions. Adding to that there are also extensive logs showing you who logged in when and from where, who changed what when, etc.

Most of them! See for yourself as there's no harm in trying. Turn your Excel sheet into an app today by signing up for a free trial.

Well, why don't you give it a try? We offer a free 30-day trial that you can cancel any time. Get started now!

The free trial is.... FREE! You can find pricing information here: Appivo pricing.