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Come Alive Outside asked Appivo to create a mobile app version of their popular Mile-A-Day program so that they could extend their outreach and reduce their paper consumption. Mile-A-Day is a walking challenge that encourages people to establish and track healthy walking habits.

Outdoor Activity Tracker

By transitioning their Mile-A-Day program to a mobile app, Come Alive Outside was able to automatically measure distance and use gamification concepts like points, streaks and badges to improve user adoption and program completion rates.
Photo of a laptop running the Mile-A-Day web app created by Appivo custom app development services.


Programs the first year


User growth over the first year


Increase in reported participation the first year vs the previous year

Project Overview

Appivo built a comprehensive solution consisting of a mobile application for users and a web interface for program administration. Come Alive Outside is able to manage users and teams, launch programs with different goals, track usage and encourage users. Users of the mobile app are able to track their walks, view individual and team leader boards, unlock badges and send encouraging notes to each other.


The brainstorming process started by analyzing the original paper-based program and processes, taking into account rules and any required flexibility. While translating the program for the digital world, processes were optimized to improve the experience of both program administrators and participants.


The design process focused on simplicity and ease-of-use, as well as ensuring that the mobile app would be visually appealing and inline with Come Alive Outside’s brand. Understanding the user types was key, as the app needed to resonate with children, adults, and adults entering data for their children. The iterative design process progressed from sketches to wireframes to full-color mockups.


The comprehensive design effort resulted in a strong roadmap for the development team to follow. The iterative development process started with the administrative web interface before moving on to the mobile app. The final development phase consisted of an internal test run and the completion of a few final tasks before launching to an initial group of participants.


  • Mobile outdoor activity app
  • Digital solution to expand program reach
  • News ways to measure data and track participation and program goals
  • Gamification features to encourage participation and program completion

Appivo has turned our project dreams into a reality resulting in reducing our project times and increasing our scalability. Our initial Appivo project worked so well that we are immediately starting another. The Appivo platform delivers!

Arwen Turner, Executive Director
Come Alive Outside

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