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Whatever your role, build the solutions you need with Appivo.

Are you a developer, IT admin or a designer? Or maybe something else but you need to build an app just the same. See below for how you can build Web and mobile apps with Appivo.

Build better apps, faster
Appivo is for developers of all skill levels. From web developers who have never built an app to seasoned app developers, Appivo accelerates app development and includes options for advanced coding and integrations.
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Deliver more than just a design
Deliver web and mobile designs that become application UIs. Create beautiful themes to standardize design language and improve adoption.
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The next-gen app platform for IT professionals
Being asked to do more with less? Try doing more with less code. The Appivo low-code application platform can accelerate the journey from reactive to proactive to strategic.
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Convert your Excel sheet into an app
With Appivo you can turn your Excel sheet into a web or mobile application in just minutes. Benefit from role-based access control, notifications, audit logs and many other features missing in traditional Excel sheets.
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Integrate with your Planday service
Build custom dashboards and reports, or combine data from multiple Planday instances. Appivo is a low-cost, high-value solution for Planday customers.
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Extend your existing SaaS solutions
Integrate an existing SaaS solution with Appivo to create custom dashboards and reports, and add key missing features.
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Case Studies

Employee management solution

Arver needed to standardize and digitize their employee management processes, especially when it came to tracking technical mechanic skills, certifications and other competencies.
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Construction Loan Management

1st Tribal Lending needed to standardize and streamline their construction loan process, especially when it came to interacting with home builders.
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Outdoor Activity Tracker

By transitioning their Mile-A-Day program to a mobile app, Come Alive Outside was able to automatically measure distance and use gamification concepts like points, streaks and badges to improve user adoption and program completion rates.
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Norwegian Hospitality Group - NHG uses a custom Planday Integration by Appivo.

Powerful Planday Reporting

Norwegian Hospitality Group uses a custom Appivo reporting portal to view hour and wage data from multiple Planday environments; providing a consistent report experience for multiple hotel locations.

Low-code applications can...

Increase employee productivity.

Improve customer engagement.

Integrate different SaaS solutions.

Do just about anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Appivo is a great platform for developers of all skill levels. From low-code to pro-code, Appivo facilitates and accelerates the development process. Check out our Appivo for Developers page.

Appivo is a great solution for internal development projects. Build the tools you need to work smarter, not harder. Check out our Appivo for IT admins page.

Appivo's drag-n-drop interface makes it easy to build working mockups that can evolve into fully-featured apps. Check out our Appivo for Designers page for more info.

Yes! The Appivo App Wizard will create a web and/or mobile app based on your spreadsheet. Where you take it from there is entirely up to you. Check out our Appivo for Spreadsheets page for details.

Yes! Appivo has partnered with Planday to create valuable integrated solutions for HR, payroll, BI and other scenarios. Check out our Appivo for Planday page for more information.

Use Appivo to integrate disparate SaaS solutions like HR, workforce management, BI and others. Check out our Appivo for SaaS Integrations page for more information.

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