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1st Tribal Lending selected Appivo to digitalize their construction loan management process to better support their commitment to Native American Tribal Members across the country. As an expert in construction loans, 1st Tribal saw the value in streamlining their interactions with home builders.

Construction Loan Management

1st Tribal Lending needed to standardize and streamline their construction loan process, especially when it came to interacting with home builders.
Photo showing two mobile phones running the 1Tribal app created by Appivo custom app development services.
Desktop display showing the 1Tribal web app created by Appivo custom app development services.


Loans closed (2020)




App versions

Project Overview

Appivo provided a custom web and mobile application to manage home builder evaluations and construction loan project management, including pay scheduling. After the initial launch, four additional releases were planned to add new features and functionality.


Appivo held numerous planning sessions to understand the business process, the people involved and the data tracked. 1st Tribal Lending was able to provide paper-based forms and fictitious examples to further clarify their requirements. Once the scope was refined and finalized, we were able to proceed with design.


The design process involved transforming a paper-based, manual business process into a series of application screens. Careful attention was paid to balance standardization with the required level of flexibility, accounting for process quirks and exceptions. The color palette was pulled from the 1st Tribal Lending website, ensuring an on-brand experience.


With the design done, the code started to fall in place. Some requirements evolved over the course of the project and were easily pulled into scope, while others were placed on hold for a future release. Knowing that there were likely additional versions ahead of us, extra effort went into making the application extensible.


  • Digitalized construction loan management process
  • Standardized key forms and data collection
  • Streamlined onboarding processes
  • Improved internal collaboration

Appivo built a Web and mobile app for us that has greatly accelerated key business processes. The entire project was a great experience and we feel like we have a long-term tech partner in Appivo.

Brett Robinson, Managing Director
1st Tribal Lending

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