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Our platform helps systems talk to each other.

The Appivo app development process is designed to transform ideas into apps in record time.

Appivo’s inhouse design and development experts have a proven track record of success across many industries including manufacturing, logistics, HR, health services, finance, construction and automotive.

Whether you have detailed requirements or just a spark of an idea, we’ll help refine or define your requirements, leveraging expertise built from many similar conversations.


Written requirements are one thing but a mockup is something else entirely. Design phases usually involve simple sketches, wireframes and full mockups.


Development phases are often iterative and are punctuated by demos and other milestones. An agile approach allows us to focus on critical features while remaining flexible to account for changing requirements.


Mobile apps can be published to the app stores and users can be added at any time. Need more help? We can talk over deployment and adoption strategies, too.


Over 90% of our customers add additional features down the road. Whether it’s version two, three, or twenty-three, Appivo is there for you.

Integrate your SaaS providers

Want to get more value out of your IT systems ? Software never resides in a silo, there's more value to be unleashed if you enable your systems to talk to each other. Wish you could have your HR system talk to your Workforce Management system ? Or to your Payroll system ? Appivo can help you connect your various SaaS providers so that you don't have to deal with entering the same data in multiple places.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No problem. Our clients span the complete spectrum of technical ability. If all you have is an idea, or even just the idea of an idea, then we can walk you through the whole process.

This could be a big answer so we’ll start with the basics. Appivo produces web apps that can run on most modern web browsers (we like Chrome the best), and mobile apps that can run on recent iOS and Android devices. Another way to answer this question is to say that Appivo is great for building data or process-driven solutions. You wouldn’t want to use Appivo to build a game with fast-paced 3D animations, but pretty much anything else is fair game. Contact us if you need more info.

Unfortunately no. Apps built with Appivo must run on the Appivo platform. However, Appivo apps can integrate with external data sources. If you have a firm requirement that some or all of your data needs to stay put, contact us and we’ll let you know how it would work.

Yes! Appivo apps have a number of integration options available. Integration options include REST APIs, Web hooks, SMS, Email, auto-generated SDKs and custom connectors.

You do! That’s it. It’s pretty simple.

No comment. ;)