Deliver more than just a design

Standardize design language with themes, Deliver web and mobile designs that become application UIs. Create beautiful themes to standardize design language and improve adoption.
Appivo is for Designers

Powerful features for designers to improve productivity and consistency while designing.

Out of the box themes and design elements accelerate the design process while custom CSS options enable artful flexibility.

Standard & Custom Themes

Use standard themes, modify them, or start from scratch. Refresh an entire app with a simple theme change.

CSS Styling

Enhance application UIs using a simple yet powerful style editor, or make more advanced changes by adding custom CSS.

Drag+Drop Widgets

Quickly build app UIs by dragging and dropping widgets from a palette of 100+ options, or add custom HTML for a personalized look.

Events & QuickActions

Easily add events like navigation, notifications and form submission to buttons and other widgets using predefined QuickActions.

Get more out of Appivo no matter who you are!

The Appivo low code platform is for everyone, no matter your title, role or industry. Build the app you need whether you’re a developer, designer, IT admin, AI innovator, team lead, etc.

For Developers

Already an experienced developer? Good for you! Appivo will make your workflow better, faster and more efficient.

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For IT Admins

Need something better than a spreadsheet and web form? Appivo has you covered, no matter what you want to create.

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For AI Innovators

Want to harness the power of AI? Quickly train and launch an intelligent AI agent with the Appivo IQ platform.

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Documentation & Support

Documentation and support sites contain helpful resources such as conceptual explanations, definitions, guides and forums. Premium support subscriptions include access to the Appivo Support Team via the Appivo support portal.