Arver chose Appivo to build and roll out a custom employee management solution for its eight locations across Sweden. As a network of dealerships selling and servicing commercial vehicles, digitalizing employee management was critical to the Arver commitment to quality.

Employee management solution

Arver needed to standardize and digitize their employee management processes, especially when it came to tracking technical mechanic skills, certifications and other competencies.




Reviews Performed


Skills Tracked


Company Locations

Project Overview

Appivo provided a custom web application along with personalized consulting and training to improve fit and adoption. Of particular importance was the need to automate and streamline processes related to employee reviews, and specialized skill evaluations and recertifications.


Appivo held several planning sessions to understand the requirements and the drive behind them. The resulting set of requirements was carefully prioritized, separating the must-haves from the nice-to-haves. With a good understanding of the people, processes and data, it was time to design.


After several iterations the design settled on a data-centric approach, matching the existing process. Graphs were also incorporated to provide visual cues.


With the design settled, the development process could begin. Taking an iterative approach allowed for numerous reviews. The Appivo platform allowed the team to quickly incorporate feedback and new requirements.The project also grew in scope, with the end result being quite a bit better than the initial plan.


  • Digitalized employee management solution
  • Streamlined review process
  • Skill and certification tracking
  • Standardized pay scales

We built a custom HR system and have been able to continuously evolve it using Appivo's rapid development technology. Appivo has been instrumental in the digital transformation of Arver.

Jens Eriksson, CEO

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