Appivo Pilot Program

Jumpstart your app project by leveraging Appivo Services to build the first version for you. The Appivo Pilot Program uses a build-and-transfer model to deliver value quickly.

The Appivo Pilot Program is the fastest way to launch your app.

Appivo Services has what it takes to turn your ideas into a functional, scalable, well-designed app. We'll build an initial version then transition it to your team, with a comprehensive knowledge transfer that enables them to hit the ground running.


Whether you have detailed requirements or just a spark of an idea, we’ll help refine or define your requirements, leveraging expertise built from many similar conversations.


Written requirements are one thing but a mockup is something else entirely. Design phases usually involve simple sketches, wireframes and full mockups.


Development phases are often iterative and are punctuated by demos and other milestones. An agile approach allows us to focus on critical features while remaining flexible to account for changing requirements.


Mobile apps can be published to the app stores and users can be added at any time. Need more help? We can talk over deployment and adoption strategies, too.


One or more knowledge transfer sessions ensure that your team has everything they need to pick up the app and run with it for future versions.

Case Studies

Construction Loan Management

1st Tribal Lending needed to standardize and streamline their construction loan process, especially when it came to interacting with home builders.
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Employee management solution

Arver needed to standardize and digitize their employee management processes, especially when it came to tracking technical mechanic skills, certifications and other competencies.
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Outdoor Activity Tracker

By transitioning their Mile-A-Day program to a mobile app, Come Alive Outside was able to automatically measure distance and use gamification concepts like points, streaks and badges to improve user adoption and program completion rates.
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The Appivo Pilot Program is just one option.

We have three engagement models to choose from, and can create a custom engagement to meet any requirements. Whether we build it for you, with you, or train you, or focus is your success.

Build & Transfer

Build Together

Train & Build

Custom Engagement

FAQ - Answers to your questions

Yes, of course. Appivo is for all technical levels, and if we're here for you if you need a little (or a lot of) help.

Yes! We support all common spreadsheet formats - Excel, Numbers, Lotus and of course also CSV files.

Yes! Absolutely. Appivo takes security very seriously. All data is encrypted, both in transit and at rest. We also support a two-factor authentication, SSO and IP-address restrictions. Adding to that there are also extensive logs showing you who logged in when and from where, who changed what when, etc.

Well, why don't you give it a try? We offer a free 30 day trial that you can cancel at any time.