Get your own custom application

With the help of Appivos professional services team you could have a custom made web- or mobile-application delivered quicker and at a lesser cost than with any other solution.

Our custom application project process

Describe your business case and our experts will be able to create an accurate quote for you.
Schedule initial meeting

Describe your business case and our experts will be able to suggest a solution and give you an accurate cost & timeline for delivery.

Review requirements specification

Our team will write up a detailed specification for your project, unless you already have one.

UI/UX Design

Our designers will create wireframes and mockups.

Development phase 1

Our application developers will build the foundation of your application, focusing on the key process(es).

Checkpoint 1

The application is demoed for you and your team to review and give feedback for the continued development.

Development phase 2

The development team completes the application, taking feedback from the checkpoint meeting into consideration.

User Acceptance Testing

Once the development of the application is completed, a testing effort is coordinated with you where you will be able to test the solution in realistic scenarios.

Final Delivery

The application is deployed to our production environment - you and/or your customers can begin using it!

Continued support, maintenance and enhancement

Our team continually ensures your application is up and running, delivering value to your organization. If and when you want to add new features our team will gladly assist.